Hurdle Hardship is an educational nonprofit organization that works with at risk youth. With strategic action, we help them to overcome life hurdles that poverty and poor decision making often bring. We teach and guild our youth to engage in everyday life without losing sight of their original self. The act of teaching them how to stay grounded regardless of the things that may be happening to or around them is critical to many at risk youth. Our participants will learn to maintain awareness and will be educated that everyday is a new day, with an opportunity to do better! We want to openly display the reality of life’s hardships with hopes to prevent as many mistakes on one’s journey of life as possible. By helping our youth rise to the competition of life by assisting the youth as they find ways to creating a life they find worthwhile.

Jimmie Ragland

My life experiences and failures taught me importance lessons of hardships that made me stronger and helped me get to know myself better. Hardships are a part of my life. My goal is to help our youth figure out what they want from life and how to get it. Their future is a mixture of who they are, what they believe, and what they want to do in life. Our goal is to help our youth build a life starting from where they are today, regardless of the problems they may be facing. Before you can figure out which direction to head in, you need to know where you are and what problems you are trying to solve.I wanted to show our youth how to operate and overcome in a world this is often unforgiving. There is no perfect person in a perfect life. From experience I know at any time one’s life can be drastically altered because of a poor decision; consequently living a life they may regret. Engaging in the world and avoiding mistakes is virtually impossible, but with the proper guidance it can be limited. Hurdle Hardship was created with our youth in mind and their future at stake. Hurdle Hardship wants to revitalize our community through pushing the youth towards something positive. This organization’s goal is to keep consistency in their everyday lives so they will not gravitate to negative outcomes. We believe every dream needs a push! Hurdle Hardship Inc. is committed to making an impact in the lives of the youth that we serve in our program. Your donations and purchases are appreciated and will go towards expanding our reach to inner and outer city youth. We thank you for your support.